Members lining up a shot on one of our greens
Strategic Plan

2018-2022 Strategic Plan                              2016-2020 Strategic Plan

2018 Strategic Plan Scorecard 

This 2018-2022 plan is the result of the committee’s collective expertise, considered thought, input, and effort. As we developed this plan, we recognized our Club’s recent accomplishments, successes, and challenges, and also identified emerging opportunities. Our 2016-2020 strategic plan provided a “realistic assessment of the challenges facing our Club” and prompted the need for important changes. This 2018-2022 plan continues to apply this same realistic lens, and provides a strong sense of direction, conviction, and genuine optimism to build upon the changes made over the past two years.
So, what will you see as you read through this document, and why is this Plan important to each member of Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club?
  • Our north star. This Plan sets our direction and priorities by clarifying our Club’s mission, vision, and values, and how these will guide our success over the coming years.
  • Clarity, common understanding, and alignment. This Plan puts our Club’s Board, management, staff, and members all on the same page by assessing our current situation, and defining the goals and targets needed to implement this plan.
  • Three pillars. The strategic foundation for our Plan focuses on three areas:
    • Member experience and retention (our highest priority)
    • Investment growth and community presence
    • Leadership accountability
  • Realism. In 2017, we welcomed an unprecedented number of new golf and curling members and in 2018 we will need to ensure that each of them feels part of our Club’s social fabric. Our financial situation has improved substantially since 2016, in no small part due to our partnership with Carmen’s Group. Despite this, we have ongoing capital requirements, and so we must continue to improve our financial results to achieve long-term viability. We must also continue to improve our facilities and services.
  • Optimism and possibility. For the first time in a while we are in a position where we are starting the 2018 golf season with a waitlist, and our curling membership continues to increase. It is clear that Dundas Valley is a place that appeals to prospective members, and for good reason: we are The Treasure in The Valley! Our staff, management and partners are aiming to deliver services and experiences that live up to this statement. Additionally, if we deliver on various key elements, our financial situation will be well on-track for long-term success. We will be able to make investments that enhance our Club, rather than continuously being on our back foot and making investments out of pure necessity.
This is our Club’s plan – not the Strategic Planning Committee’s, nor the Board’s, nor management’s. Each of you have a valuable role to play to contribute to our overall success. We encourage you to understand our Plan. Our hope is that you will embrace our Club’s values and your role because, at its essence, it is really about the people who choose to be members and enjoy the many meaningful interactions and experiences that define Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club.

Your Strategic Planning Committee